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Design can be many things. It can be the creative ornamentations that adorn the interior walls of the local, upscale coffee shop. It can be the chemically infused drips of paint splashed on the walls of abandoned buildings to evoke the subconscious emotions nestled comfortably within the minds of passers-by, on their way to work, school, or what have you.

Depending on the eye of the beholder, design can assume any position or stance on a given topic, or controversy. Design can be anything. But what it is NOT, is validation for a sense of eclecticism . It is not an award for showcasing the hottest trends imitated for the sake of “likes” and “views.” Design is NOT a chic loft apartment furnished by Crate & Barrel in downtown Los Angeles or Manhattan. It is NOT a $8 latté or chai tea while brainstorming ideas, with the faint sound sound of some Indie folk band in the background.

Design is the intangible treasure passed down through generations of heritage and traditions. It is the knowledge observed and interpreted through optical analysis transferred from the many movements of intelligent thinkers. It is the prohibited languages and cultures that persevered over exile and excommunication, spoken through the chemical compounds of drawing instruments.

Design is an Art. Art is a weapon, and should be wielded accordingly. As with any weapon, it should be studied, researched, practiced, learned, and mastered. Most importantly, its power of influence should be respected because design in the wrong hands or state of mind has the potential to change society for the better or worst.